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Buildings Applications I

Authors Wangda Zuo, Wei Tian, Yangyang Fu, Xu Han, Michael Wetter and James Vangilder
Title Open Source Modelica Models for Data Center Cooling
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Authors Nicholas Long, Amy Allen, Antoine Gautier and Yanfei Li
Title Template-based District Thermal Energy System Models for URBANopt with Modelica
Authors Tao Yang, Konstantin Filonenko, Krzysztof Arendt and Christian Veje
Title Development of a Modelica Building Emulator for Model Predictive Control Applications

Systems Applications I [Intro]

Authors Scott Greenwood
Title TRANSFORM: A Solution for Advanced System Modeling
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Authors Luigi Vanfretti
Title Teaching a Course on Modeling and Simulation for Cyber-Physical Systems using Modelica and FMI Technologies with Hands-on-Laboratories
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Authors Marcelo de Castro Fernandes, Manuel Navarro Catalan and Luigi Vanfretti
Title Open Instance Power System Library: a Modelica Library for Phasor Time-Domain Simulations
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Buildings Applications II [Intro]

Authors Tao Yang, Viktor Ljungdahl, Konstantin Filonenko and Christian Veje
Title Modelica Implementation of PCM Ventilation Unit
Authors Jessica Stershic, Xing Lu and Kathryn Hinkelman
Title A Modeling Framework to Evaluate Energy, Transportation, and Communication Interdependence in Smart and Connected Communities
Authors Sen Huang, Yuan Liu, Jianming Lian, Yangyang Fu, Draguna Vrabie and Wangda Zuo
Title Reactive Power Modeling for Building Systems to Support Building-to-grid Integration Studies

Systems Applications II

Authors Theodor Ensbury, Mike Dempsey and Nate Horn
Title Dymola and Simulink in Co-Simulation: A Vehicle Electronic Stability Control case study
Authors Melissa Ontano, Carla Parra, Edison Pogo and Javier Urquizo
Title Modelling and validation of control systems through the excitation of the hydroelectric power station Sopladora using OpenModelica